COVID-19 Protective Measures Taken by Window Magic


Due to the COVID-19 Virus, we are requiring all employees take extra precautions each day. The following is a list of these extra precautions and procedures. They are adhered to diligently by all employees. This is in an effort to protect our customers and employees from COVID-19.


○ All employees take and document their temperature before each shift begins. If any employee reports a fever over 98.6, or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (sore throat, body aches, cough, loss of smell/taste) THEY STAY HOME and contact a supervisor. Employees will not be allowed back to work until testing negative for COVID-19.


○ A face mask is worn in public at all times. Each employee is provided with multiple masks. A clean mask is worn each day. We do not use the same mask multiple days in a row. Technicians have been trained in the proper use of a facemask. They never touch the front of the mask. Only remove the mask by handling the straps. Ensure the mask always covers their nose and mouth completely, and tightly.

○ Eye protection is worn while working.

○ Disposable gloves are worn and changed often.

○ Disposable shoe covers are worn at all times while inside a home. No shoe covers are reused on a different job site.


○ A fresh uniform is worn each day. A clean shirt, and clean pants. We do not wear any shirts or pants multiple days in a row. We are providing each employee with additional shirts and pants, in case they need to change during their shift.

○ We wash our hands as often as possible. Although we are out in the field, with minimal access to a sink. Each employee is provided with hand sanitizer.Technicians use hand sanitizer often throughout the day. After each job, before entering our vehicle, before putting on gloves, etc.

○ Avoid touching our face with dirty hands or gloves. This also applies to the front of our face masks.


○ Maintain at least 6 feet of distance from customers at all times.

○ Paperless, “no contact” service using our customer management software app. WE DO NOT COLLECT A PHYSICAL PAYMENT OR LEAVE ANY PAPER.**Customers may mail a check if they prefer.

○ No ride sharing or carpooling. Separate vehicles used if doing a group assignment.

○ Offering exterior only “NO CONTACT” service upon request.


○ Only use clean applicators, and clean towels. We will not use a towel or an applicator from a previous job.

○ Clean drop clothes are used for each job. We will not re-use drop cloths from a previous house before it is cleaned.

○ Spray and wipe our tools, belt, and exterior vehicle handles (including tool boxes) with a virucide between jobs, and at the end of each shift. The provided virucide has been proven to destroy COVID-19.

○ Spray the interior of the vehicle with virucide and wipe down all interior hard surfaces.